The Maternity Dress

When clients discuss their maternity session wardrobe with me, the maternity dress is typically the first thing on their mind. Choosing a maternity dress can be tricky. We want you to wear something that makes you feel amazing. As women, we all have areas that we are self conscious about and assets that we like to show off. Keep those features in mind when choosing your maternity dress. For example, I love an off-the-shoulder style that both highlights my shoulders AND hides the underarm area. The location of the maternity session should be considered as well. Choose a color that stands out from the background of your portraits. I do have a collection of maternity dresses in my studio that you may come in and try on before your session. If I don’t have something you love, then I will help you track down the perfect maternity dress.

What to Wear to Your Maternity Session | Maternity Dress

Casual Maternity Look

Many of my expecting clients also like to wear a second dress or casual look at their maternity session. I suggest that you select a favorite maternity outfit that you’ve felt really good wearing during your pregnancy. I have a photo of myself in a favorite shirt and jeans during my first pregnancy, and it brings me right back to the work-day belly rubs. I have also had a maternity client bring a few traditional outfits that highlighted her culture and heritage. This brought so much meaning to her maternity portraits, and they all looked really beautiful on her. If you do bring a maternity outfit from your own closet, make sure it’s one that you love to wear and really makes you glow.

What to Wear to Your Maternity Session | Maternity Dress

Maternity Body Suit

In the studio, we have the ability to show a bit more of your body and get creative with styling. Maternity body suits are becoming more popular for maternity sessions because they provide some coverage while still showing off your beautiful, pregnant curves. If this is something that you’re interested in wearing for your maternity session, Sew Trendy and AR Backdrops are excellent maternity boutiques to shop. For studio maternity sessions, we’ll discuss creative styling at your consult to make sure that you feel comfortable and beautiful throughout your session.

What to Wear to Your Maternity Session | Maternity Dress

Choosing Wardrobe for the Family

Many of my maternity sessions also involve styling family members. Once you have selected your maternity dress, we will create a color pallet from the outfits that you’ve chosen. For family styling I like to mix up patterns and solids. For example, dressing sister in a floral, twirly dress and brother in a complimentary solid helps break up the image. We also want to change up the colors chosen for tops and bottoms. If dad has on jeans, dress brother in a brown or colored bottom that coordinates with our color pallet. Lastly, you will want to dress for the elements and terrain. Choose footwear to suit the outdoor terrain that we’ll encounter, and consider the weather and temperature when choosing wardrobe pieces. It’s better to have a sweater or jacket coordinated ahead of time than a cold, miserable child during your session. I know family outfit selection can be a tricky process, so I provide an online styling service that will show you wardrobe options within your color pallet.

What to Wear to Your Maternity Session | Maternity Dress | Family Portrait Outfits | Online Styling Service

Maternity Photography by Sarah Beth Chamberlain | North Mississippi Photographer 

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