Photos by Oliver & Jane Film Studio

You wouldn’t normally expect a newborn photographer to carry a teaching certification but this one does! Before moving to Alaska in 2014, I was teaching first-graders full time and juggling a busy teaching career with family life in Virginia. In the little spare time that I had, I turned to photography. Whether on hikes with my family or in a local studio learning lighting techniques, I really enjoyed being behind the camera creating art. When we received notice that we were moving across the country, I decided to establish a professional studio of my own.

This decision came from a desire to spend more time with my children and work in a profession that would help me savor this time with them. As a mother, I truly understand the importance of documenting your tiny, little human well. It all just flies by so quickly. My "baby" is now two and quickly becoming an agile, growing toddler, and my big boy is heading off to school. They were only newborns for what seemed like a second. I am happy to have those newborn photographs to bring me right back.