Essential oils can be a curiosity when people first hear about them, and even more so when they discover that we use them for more than just aromatic use. We were once beginners with essential oils, unsure of what they were and how to use them safely, but we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge from our Young Living community. Here’s a little more information for those just getting started.

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are volatile liquids and natural compounds found in plants. They are obtained through careful distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. Each essential oil is highly concentrated and contains hundred of constituents that offer various health and wellness benefits.

Why Young Living?

Young Living offers a trustworthy brand of essential oils known for purity and sustainability. Gary Young, founder of Young Living and the father of essential oil wellness, was a pioneer in essential oil research around the globe. Young Living has been in business the longest, and continues to offer the best quality in its Seed to Seal guarantee. Young Living guarantees ethical and legal harvesting on its corporate-owned and partner farms worldwide, ensuring that local ecosystems and communities have the support they need to thrive. In the lab, Young Living's scientists perform testing to ensure that every essential oil and product meets the company's high standards. The essential oils and many products offered by Young Living have all been through such a rigorous approval process, that we feel confident in choosing this brand for our home.

Additionally, Young Living products come with a community of support and wealth of knowledge. When you sign up for a starter kit with Young Living, it is important that you choose the right support. Is the person you are signing up with sharing information readily? Do they have a way for you to contact them with questions and concerns? Is there a community group that you can join to absorb information from experienced families? Do they have resource recommendations available? Will they help you build a buisness if you desire to do so? Support is important! When a new member signs up with me, they not only get my support but also the support of my community members. You should not feel lost or without information.

How can they be used?

You may use essential oils aromatically, topically, or internally depending on the particular essential oil and desired effect. We have several diffusers in our home that disperse essential oils aromatically. Aromatic use can also include adding essential oils to laundry balls in the dryer, dropping a favorite blend in bath water, spraying linens with homemade linen spray, or just enjoying a calming scent from the bottle. I start my day by applying my favorite essential oil blends topically, and quite often it's the quickest way to reap the benefits of essential oils throughout our day. Our youngest enjoys lavender essential oil with a carrier oil for nighttime foot rubs. The Young Living personal care products such as shampoo, soaps, lotions, and facial care also contain beneficial essential oils. Your skin is a great big organ, and will soak up everything that you put on it, whether it's the goodness that essential oils offer or harmful chemicals and fragrances. Many oils, including the Vitality oils may be consumed internally as well. Young Living also carries a number of supplements infused with essential oils for oral consumption. 

How can I get them?

Click the image on the left to grab your Young Living starter kit, or email me at if you need assistance getting started. The premium starter kit includes choice of diffuser and 11 of the most frequently used essential oils and blends. Other starter kits available include the Thieves starter kit and SAVVY makeup starter kit for those looking for chemical free home cleaning or makeup options. Every starter kit includes wholesale membership, so you may continue to purchase all of your essential oils at a 24% discount. 

Need to Learn More?

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