A family’s story can be told in still photographs, and with motion picture. I am a Las Vegas family videographer in addition to my portrait work in the studio. For families looking for more natural environment photography and storytelling, a family film session could be ideal. When I go to a clients home for documentary session, I am able to capture both still photography and video over the course of a few hours. The resulting photographs and film tell your family’s story very authentically. This is such a beautiful way to document births, newborn baby stretches, nursing little ones, growing toddlers, family adventures, and big kids interests. I truly enjoy recording my own little ones and creating these films as they grow. We can then revisit the films and replay our favorite memories and stages.


These films are the perfect way to document your pregnancy, newborn stage, and baby’s first year. Those moments go by the fastest, and you will appreciate having artfully captured video of the important details. The featured session below, is a tender recording of a family who had just brought home a new baby. Click the image below to browse their blog post, and get a better idea of what a newborn film session looks like.

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