Landscape and Nature Photography

Landscape and Nature Photography by Sarah Beth

Our family is well-traveled, having moved about the country following Josh’s military career. Life has taken us on many adventures, and to some intensely beautiful places. I try my best to capture the beauty of those places, despite being mom to three young adventurers. While I’ll admit that documenting their wonder of it all was always my first priority, I have enjoyed creating some landscape and nature photography when my hands were free. Each of my landscape or nature images is available for purchase as a framed and matted print, acrylic print, wood print, or metal print. Various sizes are available from 8×10 to 30×40. For more information and assistance with ordering a work of art for your walls, please contact me.

Aurora Borealis

When we lived in Alaska, I took any chance I got to view the aurora. Many times it was so subtle that my friends and I would have to drive out to a dark, remote location, and other times the surge was so strong that our family could view the aurora right from our home, surrounded by street lights. Learning to capture night skies and these breathtaking light shows had a steep learning curve, but a lot of memories were made standing outdoors with a tripod on cold nights, staring up at a mesmerizing sky.

Momma Moose and Her Twins

One of the perks of living in Alaska, was seeing baby moose in the neighborhood every Spring. One week in June was particularly warm for Alaska weather, and a mother moose found herself over heated and nursing twins in our neighborhood. The neighbor across the street carefully snuck out and turned on her sprinkler for this moose family. Then we got to enjoy watching the baby moose romp and play in the water all afternoon. You never want to get close to a mother moose and her babies, but she allowed us all to admire them from a distance.

Oregon Tide Pools

Harris Beach State Park was one of our favorite camping stops during our Pacific coast trip with friends. The campground was one of the cleanest that we stayed at on this trip, and the showers had extra space and benches to gather kids and get everyone scrubbed up. But the campground wasn’t why this stop blew us away. The tide pools at Harris Beach are so easily accessible, and absolutely abundant with life. The kids found hermit crabs, mussels, starfish, gumboot chiton, and small fish. We event saw a family of river otters as they ran out to the beach looking for dinner. The starfish were some of my favorites to photograph.

Macro Photography

Froglets, mantis, flower, bees…my children and I notice all the tiny things when we’re spending time outdoors together. It’s fun to get up close!

If you’d like to order my landscape and nature photography for your home, please reach out. It would be an honor to create something beautiful to adorn your walls.