Movement Friendly Family Photography | My Approach to Photographing Families

Every photographer has a their own approach to family photography, but my regular clients will agree that mine is very relaxed and friendly. I don’t want parents to stress and I want kids to feel comfortable, so most of the time we will head outdoors for your family photoshoot. Outside, young children have room to explore and move their bodies the way that children do. And let me be clear, I fully expect kids to show their need for movement. I think the whole family breaths a little more freely and settles into natural smiles a bit more easily when we’re all outside.

Movement Friendly Family Photography | My Approach to Photographing Families | Boys Find Grasshopper
A family catches grasshoppers during their family photoshoot with Sarah Beth Chamberlain.

My family portrait sessions involve some posing and also candid interaction. I want you to look your best, so I will direct you into a flattering position. But what makes a photograph truly unique is you! I often pose parents and children cuddled close together, so that it’s hard not to see that connection. Momma, you look stunning when you are smiling at your babies! The guys relax and show their natural smiles when they gaze upon their beautiful wife. Seriously, your best selves come out when you’re with the ones you love! My goal is to capture that bit of magic between you, and produce portraits that show who you are as a family.

Movement Friendly Family Photography | My Approach to Photographing Families
This family took a nature walk as I captured a cuddle from afar.

Many parents are worried about their child’s behavior when they are out for a family photoshoot with me, but often the behavior they’re so stressed about is not even misbehavior. Be careful not to overly reprimand kids for exploring or being a little silly during our session. This zaps the joy out of the day, and it can really take a while to regain comfort. Yes, of course, we want them to be safe while exploring the outdoors during our portrait session. So if something is going in an unsafe direction we will stop and redirect. We’ll put a stop to rude or mean behavior as well. But my philosophy on kids is that movement and activity are NOT misbehavior. In fact, movement is a dire need for young children. If your kiddos need to move, we will have a movement break and take some action shots. If they are being silly with you, GO WITH IT! Most of the time that is when their personality shows, and those moments result in photos that you will fall in love with. Trust me, I’ve heard my fair share of potty humor jokes over my many years of photographing families (and raising my own children). I will take those genuine laughs and smiles over forced grins any day. I expect your children to act like children, so don’t stress too much over that. Come as your true selves. That’s who I’m excited to meet!

Movement Friendly Family Photography | My Approach to Photographing Families | Maternity Photography
A four-year-old shows me his super hero action moves during a maternity session.

I am currently booking fall family sessions and newborn due dates into Spring 2023. Booking your newborn session early gives us time to plan for a beautifully artistic newborn gallery that you can be proud of. 

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Are you looking for a Northeastern Mississippi Newborn Photographer? There are so many styles and experiences to be found, but finding a photographer who is right for you and will take great care of you through the process can be a challenge. I have put together a guide to help you select a great newborn photographer. If you ask these questions, you’re sure to find a safe, artistic, and reliable newborn photographer for this important time in your life. Remember, you only have one chance to capture amazing newborn portraits.

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